4 Services that we offer to help you out


We all improvise when money gets a little tight. Pawn shops are a great resource for those in need of cash or a convenient loan until financial woes settle down a bit. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a pawn shop during any financial period:

1) You can find a great selection of items that aren’t a full price. Everyone loves a good deal; a pawn shop is a heaven full of them. If you’re looking for a specific type of item, but hate the standard retail prices, check your local pawn shop to see if there’s one for a little cheaper.Sometimes you’ll strike out, but more often than not you’ll find something that works well – if not better – than what you were expecting.

2) You can sell your items for straight cash or collateral. The next time you’re in a tough spot, take a look around at what you could sell or pawn off. Want to sell gold in Evansville, IN. Pawn 2 Cash can take a look at your item and provide you with a great offer. Our pawn shop takes in almost anything from jewelry and gift cards to electronics and instruments. So bring in what you’ve got and we’ll discuss your options.

3) You could start something pretty cool. Selling your items to trustworthy pawn shops (like Pawn 2 Cash) can help you out even when you aren’t in a money crunch. You can start getting money in ways you didn’t expect to keep your finances afloat. Pawn 2 Cash is an honest, trustworthy pawn shop in Evansville, IN. Come by today and browse our great selection – or sell something of your own!

4) We also have a large group of specialists who help with jewelry, computers, tablets, electronics, watches, and many others.