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About Us

Pawn 2 Cash is a small pawn shop in Evansville, Indiana. We want to get the word out about our incredible selection and services to benefit the community as a whole.

Why Pawn

You can find incredible deals at a local pawn shop. And you can sell your own items to get some cash. Pawn shops offer a great way to clean house and finally get what you want.


Pawn 2 Cash buys and sells a variety of items, including gold, silver and gift cards. Bring in your best items and look at our great selection of tools, electronics, rings, gold, sporting, goods, and collectibles.

Items For Sale

Take a quick glance at some of the products we sell at Pawn 2 Cash. Then come into our pawn shop at 1555 S. Weinbach Ave. to view our selection in person!

1555 S. Weinbach Ave. Evansville, IN 47714

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Find a Great Deal at Pawn 2 Cash!

Buying and selling almost anything in Evansville!

Pawn 2 Cash is a great local pawn shop in Evansville, IN. Come in and purchase something from our incredible array of items, or sell something of your own! We buy and sell almost anything, from gold and silver to electronics and instruments.

At Pawn 2 Cash, you could find the perfect piece of jewelry for a special someone. You could find a vintage item that you thought you'd never see again. You'll discover a wide selection of great items that you can't find anywhere else. Come to Pawn 2 Cash today - we buy gold in Evansville, IN!

Buying gold, silver & gift cards!

You probably have plenty of valuable items sitting in your house, ready to be sold for cash. Come by Pawn 2 Cash today to rake in some money - whether it's through a loan, or selling your products outright. We buy gold & silver in Evansville at great rates. If you're looking to purchase gold and silver, we have great jewelry ready to be yours.

Also, Pawn 2 Cash is the only pawn shop in the area that buys gift cards! Evansville residents can bring us their unused cards for various retailers to us, and get up to 50% of their value in cash!

Come to our pawn shop in Evansville, IN today and you'll find a great deal - whether it's by selling your items or purchasing some of ours.