10/10/10 LAYAWAY

10% down
10% monthly payments
10 months to pay off

About Us

Pawn 2 Cash is a small pawn shop in Evansville, Indiana. We want to get the word out about our incredible selection and services to benefit the community as a whole.

Why Pawn

You can find incredible deals at a local pawn shop. And you can sell your own items to get some cash. Pawn shops offer a great way to clean house and finally get what you want.


First and foremost, we offer short-term collateral loans, but we also offer layaway, we have items for sale, and we do buy select items of value.

Items For Sale

Take a quick glance at some of the products we sell at Pawn 2 Cash. Then come into our pawn shop at 1555 S. Weinbach Ave. to view our selection in person!

Now Accepting Loans On Firearms!

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